Candid Moments Photography was created to help families capture the special moments and milestones we share with the children and pets we love.

As the mother of two beautiful daughters and three adorable dogs, I have learned that time really flies when you are raising a family. As my girls have gotten older, I have come to cherish more and more the family photo albums that help us all remember when...
My only regrets are that most of our old photos are either posed and formal or completely candid and out of focus. My mission is to offer something much better to your family.

I am committed to creating beautiful pictures of real people and real moments. Babies, dogs and graduating seniors are my favorite subjects because they are so full of life. It helps that I have a lot of experience with all three! I have worked in my church nursery have been a foster mom for Chihuahua Rescue because there is a special place in my heart for babies and dogs.
Senior Portraits became a passion when my oldest daughter (who has Down Syndrome) graduated from high school. I was so proud of her accomplishment that I wanted more than a couple of formal photos to capture the moment. I have been helping other families create moments and memories of this milestone ever since.

If I can help you preserve special moments of your family today so that you will have beautiful memories forever, please contact me to schedule a session.

Candid Moments photo sessions are available on-location throughout the North-East Atlanta area. If you have questions or if you are ready to book a session, connect with Kym by calling 770.845.7620 or by e-mailing